Our Strategy

While the overused terminology of “Buy Low Sell High” has always been a standard in any type of investing, we at SFLA Investments feel it is only the starting point to true Real Estate wealth. By being concerned with only that one standard of investing, many investors miss out on the many other necessary and equally important factors in Real Estate Investing.

      SFLA’s strategy has and will remain focused on long-term growth, client satisfaction and maintenance of positive annual ROI. By focusing on these three main objectives, SFLA can guarantee your investment will appreciate to its fullest potential.

    Concentrating on long-term growth rather then short-term gains, SFLA Investments steers clear of the “quick money” opportunities that put so many investors in an often-horrific situation. The secret is not to buy when everyone wants a piece, but to buy when no one can sell. By steering clear of Real Estate trends, and “hot” properties we protect your wealth. It is a story too often told; the “One day sell out”, 200 units purchased in a day with lines of ready willing and able investors ready to “strike it rich”. These opportunities are nothing but a set up for failure. SFLA never buys in an investor rich community; thus, keeping our risks low and your appreciation and annual ROI high.

      Another overused cliché is “Exceptional Customer Service”, we all know you have to keep your customers happy, but what about the tenants? Many investors and/or property management groups ignore tenant satisfaction. The only time they reach out to their tenants is if the rent is late. Just as word of mouth spreads with customer satisfaction, it spreads just as quickly with tenant satisfaction. SFLA works diligently to keep tenant satisfaction high. By frequently checking in with the tenants, we build loyalty and respect often not found in a property manager/tenant relationship. By keeping our tenants happy we reap the benefits of well cared for properties, timely payments and consisting tenant referrals.

      We all get into the Real Estate Investing “game” for one reason, to make money. We at SFLA continuously update our strategy to offer the best possible game plan for ourselves and for our customers. We continue to educate ourselves on past, present and future market conditions. By staying abreast of industry conditions, we can promise that your investments will mature as you hope and envision.