- Funding-

SFLA is in no way tied to any bank, lender or mortgage broker. We do, however, have an enormous amount of resources available. Our experience in the Real Estate industry has equipped us with a Rolodex of savvy and motivated lenders ready, willing and able to obtain the loan that best suits your needs. If you do not have a funding source of your own, or simply want to seek out other options we would be pleased to put you in contact with lenders who have done the impossible for us in the past.

- Maintenance-

Just as management of property is of utmost importance, fixing problems as they arise is of equal value. Being available to oversee and watch over the property is key, but having the resources to resolve issues as they come up is critical. Without the correct resources in place your return can and will quickly dissipate. Having a strong relationship with contractors, handymen, plumbers, etc. allows SFLA to pass savings on to you, the investor. By working with a leading Real Estate Investment group you will have access to discounts granted to large accounts as well as obtaining the benefit of dealing with top contractors in the area.

- Management-

While occupancy and a strong purchase price are primary, your new investment will not appreciate to its full potential without the correct management system in place. As stated previously, Real Estate requires a hands on approach. Properties need to be looked after and maintained.  Tenants need to be aware that rent must be paid in the appropriate manner, and that tardiness will not be accepted.  These details are what define a sound investment. If you do not have the time, patience or knowledge to manage your investment property, SFLA will provide that service for you to be certain that you maintain your positive ROI.

- Tenancy-

We realize that purchasing your property is only step one in the Real Estate investing game. The way to hold and profit from any property you buy is to occupy it at a rate that will cover your net expenses. SFLA provides you with the marketing, forms and knowledge to occupy your property in a timely and profitable manner. Our goal is to actually have your unit rented BEFORE you close!!

- Investment Summary Presentation -

ach opportunity that is forwarded to you will contain a 5-10 page investment summary outlining the most critical of information, such as total operating expenses,  annual interest payments,  gross scheduled income and more. These summaries bring to light critical data and allow you to make decisions based on numbers rather then gut instinct or personal opinion of the property.

- Real Estate Services -

First and foremost SFLA is a Real Estate service which is constantly on the lookout for the next profit bearing properties. By simply retaining our services, which are free of charge, you will be updated with opportunities as they come our way. Whether you buy within a week, or after a year you will be advised of the same opportunities as our most ambitious clientele.  We locate what we feel are the best opportunities in the marketplace and submit them to you, the investor.