the r11 Fund 

Travers Miran Realty and SFLA Investments present "The R11 Fund"  a simplified way to take part in the art of the Real Estate flip.  As many investors have interest in this form of Real Estate investing, most simply don't have the information necessary to spot a home primed for a flip, nor a team in place to make an attractive or worthwhile return on investment a reality.

By teaming up with local contractors, realtors and designers, TMR has implemented a winning strategy for any interested investor to take part in.  By using care and proper due diligence, TMR agents are able to not only locate great investment opportunities, but can also have the work needed estimated before going to contract, saving time and most importantly - money.

When done correctly, these flips can offer returns as high as 20%+ in as short as 3 months.  If you have interest in learning more about the fund and/or participating in the returns it offers please review the proposal below or click the link to the right to download the complete proposal.